I'm an aerospace engineer living on Vancouver Island and passionate about hardware hacking, derivatives trading, finance, infosec & cryptography, elections integrity, World War II combat flight simulators, and ultimate frisbee.

When COVID happened I figured like most people that it wouldn't be such a long haul. I learned to cook the 5 mother sauces and played a lot of video games. As the pandemic and lockdowns stretched on I figured I'd start blogging about things that interest me. This is my personal blog-combination-notebook where I gradually collect articles that I write about topics that interest me that may or may not have any value to anyone else.

This is a living notebook, kinda like a wiki but way more cumbersome to edit. Here be dragons, and typos, etc.

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December 2023


C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me…

June 2023

On being busy

Or, why I haven't written anything since November.

November 2022

Algorithmic Trading Series Part 2: Validating Assumptions

Part 2 of a series on algorithmic trading, in which I examine some assumptions I made in part 1.

September 2022

Multithreaded TCP Server in Common Lisp

Some learning as I solve Challenge 0 of Protohackers in Common Lisp by writing a multithreaded TCP Echo Server.

August 2022

SBCL Timers

Notes to self regarding a gotcha in SBCL's implementation for the next time I try to mess around with Common Lisp timers.

February 2022

Algorithmic Trading Series Part 1: Modelling

The first in what I hope will be a long series of posts about quantitative finance, algorithmic trading, and markets in general.

October 2021

IPv6 Prefix Delegation on the EdgeRouter X

Setting up IPv6 Prefix Delegation on the Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP, on my fibre-to-the-home connection from Telus.

July 2021

Server Name Indication (SNI) in dovecot and postfix

A small erratum for the wonderful Workaround.org ISPmail guide, and a howto for getting SNI working with dovecot and postfix.

March 2021


Augmented gardening with embedded systems and push notifications to my phone.

January 2021


I've tried I think all the static site generators at this point and most of them are over-engineered for my use case so I wrote my own ultra-minimalist one.

December 2020


Troll your friends and coworkers by writing C# in Emacs, with "intellisense" code-completion!

October 2020


Upgrading my home network by installing some Ubiquiti UniFi gear.